You might have heard recently that Alex Oxalde- Chamberlain and Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards are now officially an item.

Apparently, the Sun tells us, the Ox harbours a ‘dream’ of becoming a DJ. While my first instinct is to say ‘what’s wrong with you, you play for Arsenal, how many dreams do you want?’ I won’t because, well, that might seem churlish.

“Ox has a big passion for music and DJing has become one of his favourite hobbies. He has decks and often picks tunes for the Arsenal dressing room,” a source told the rag.

Perrie Edwards (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)
Perrie Edwards (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

“Perrie is encouraging it as their love for music is one of the main things they have in common. She has loads of friends in the industry who can help him out, including producers and other DJs, so she’s told him she’ll put him in touch,” the source added.

Speaking back in September, Hector Bellerin told GQ that the Ox is indeed the Arsenal dressing room DJ. “There’s always [music], the Ox always plays music, some RnB, some hip hop, he throws a bit of house, he’s the main DJ in the dressing room.”

Can’t see how this would be a distraction from his football at all, can you?