Among the rave reviews about Olivier Giroud’s goal came a tweet from One Direction’s Niall Horan and suffice to say, it left many of his followers really puzzled.

The tweet got 39,401 retweets, 90,240 likes and more than 2700 replies (so far).

Here it is:

Considering the demographic of the One Direction fanbase, there is no surprise that the tweet got some pretty funny reactions:

Even some French fans didn’t understand the tweet, thinking the singer was insulting the France international.

Then those who ended up fangirling over Giroud’s picture:

But mostly there was just confusion:

The nonplussed French fans who see the tweet translated by twitter and thought “naughty” meant “kinky”:

I find it fascinating to see the social media reaction, when two worlds cross over, thanks to one single tweet. Suffice to say most One Directions fans don’t give a damn about Olivier Giroud’s superb goal and even more of them don’t understand what the tweet was all about.

But again the 1D fanbase is unlikely to be fluent in football talk and was probably surprised to read about the Frenchman’s scorpion kick. Thanks to Niall Horan maybe a couple of One Directioner will now start watching the beautiful game.