As usual with Premier League referees they regularly bring controversies and the Arsenal v Palace game saw some errors as usual.

It was actually the referee’s birthday on Sunday but he didn’t let that get in the way of an average game. Thankfully, hedid not influence the final result, which is what you want from referees.

He did miss multiple fouls from both teams and there were still some important errors as per below:

1. Zaha received a non-legal shoulder barge by Perez, free kick not given in a dangerous position.

2. Townsend with a vicious, dangerous kick on Monreal, no booking.

3. Benteke with a dangerous, late kick on Gabriel, no foul, no booking.

4. Dangerous play by Ward not given, that gives Cabaye a chance to shoot, no free kick to Arsenal given.

5. Monreal cross hits Flamini to put the ball out in the corner ahead of Giroud, but Marriner gives a goal kick.

Overall, it is not the worse refereeing performance we have seen in the Premier League, this season, far from it, but you’d hope they would get more decisions right than wrong, at least some of the time.