The other day I asked who would you like on a wallpaper and the majority suggested Bellerin – so here he is!

It’s not breaking news how important Bellerin has been over this season, and last as well. He is a regular starter for us and we miss him a lot when he’s injured (like over last few matches).

He’s fast, intelligent, strong and – probably the best part – still so young. Many would call him the best RB in the league, and I’m among them.

On top of that, Hector recently signed a contract extension, laughing in the face of Barcelona who would kill to have him back. Bellerin is simply loving it here at Arsenal and in London, and we surely love him back.

The wallpaper, as always, available in sizes for 16:9, 16:10 screens, phones, tablets and your social media.

Please, tweet me if you like it. Thanks.

For 16:10 screens
For 16:9 screens
hector tablet
For tablets
hector iphone
For phones
hector tw
Twitter header
hector fb
Facebook cover