Petr Cech believes that Chelsea’s brilliant form in the Premier League proves that anything can happen and, therefore, should give Arsenal hope during their own title run.

Chelsea have now gone 13 games without dropping any points at all. Coincidentally, the last game they lost was their 3-0 thumping at the Emirates.

Now, they’re flying, clear at the top of the table by five points with Liverpool hot on their heals; nine ahead of us.

Former Chelsea shot-stopper, Cech, however, believes that this just shows how quickly everything can change in the Premier League.

“At the start of the season, Chelsea had back-to-back defeats, and everyone was talking about the manager leaving and the players changing,” the goalkeeper said.

“Suddenly they managed to get a record run of victories and they are top of the table at the moment. You can see that everything is possible – it doesn’t mean they will keep winning every game.

“If you look at the number of games and points to be played and won, there’s more than one reason to believe that everything is possible.”

He has a point and I get that he has to be publicly optimistic at this stage of the season. However, not only would Chelsea have to drop nine points for us to go level, we would have to also capitalise on these by winning our games and hope that our other title rivals, Liverpool and Manchester City, also drop points as well.

It’s a big ask but, I guess all we can do is keep rooting for the team and hoping for the best. We can only beat the teams in front of us now, so let’s do it.