As Arsenal get ready to face Burnley this weekend, we’ve been hearing a lot from Joey Barton about how he almost joined Arsenal.

These quotes are not new – most of them were contained in his book that was released back in October (and he’s already contradicted himself). Barton believes that going down like a sack of potatoes when touched by Gervinho was what did for him.

But Arsene Wenger calls bull on that.

“I have been contacted many times to take Joey Barton but it was never close,” Wenger told reporters at his pre-Burnley press conference.

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“Why didn’t I take him? Because there was no need in midfield.”

I can’t help but feel that Arsene is being more than a little polite here. The reason he didn’t ‘take him’ is because he’s a liability who isn’t good enough.

He’s also not the type of player that you want in your side.

Keep telling yourself that you could have been an Arsenal player, Joey. Maybe you and Jamie Vardy can get together to discuss it.

Problem is, Arsenal only tried to sign one of the pair, and it wasn’t you Joey. Suck it up and shut up about Arsenal. Nobody cares.