This week, the CIES Football Observatory have taken a look at the top sides from the five leagues across Europe to determine what their squad value is compared with the cost of assembling it.

While Barca sit at the top of the pile, this is in large part to the value of Lionel Messi and the fact he cost Barca nothing, arriving at the club as a youth. Neymar’s insane rise in value since first signing is also a factor.

When it comes to Arsenal their squad cost €381m to assemble but is now worth €660m – almost double what they paid.

This is in contrast to Chelsea whose squad cost €481m but is worth only marginally more than Arsenal’s at €682m.

Hilariously, both Manchester clubs perform terribly. City have paid €611m to see their value rise to just €655m while United’s squad is worth €18m LESS than what they paid for it – €718m v €700m

As much as it sticks in my throat, the chart also shows how well Tottenham have been doing. Their squad has a value of €799m despite only costing them €274 to put together. That’s excellent work, no mater who you support.

squad value 1
via CIES
squad value 2
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squad value 3
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Source: CIES