The Nigerian forward had a quiet day against a tough Burnley defence.

Facing a 4-5-1 ultra defensive set-up, the right-winger did not have an influential game.

The Clarets were defending very deep and trying to find Gray on the break. Therefore, there was limited space to go behind their defence.

After a good start in the first half, where he was involved with a little bit of interplay with the other forwards, he started to fade away. The ball went mainly to the left wing of the attack, towards Alexis Sanchez, as Iwobi started to drift inside to receive the ball more often.

The other big problem for Iwobi on the day was the lack of support, particularly in the first half, from Gabriel. Against a defence that regrouped quickly and reconstituted their defensive block as soon as possible, the full backs were supposed to give width and overlap to offer options to the attacking players.

Having Bellerin alongside him would have freed him to do his magic and create chances or shooting opportunities. There was one big moment, early in the second half, where he made a very good run from one box to the other and gave it to Sanchez, who unfortunately shot wide.

It was no surprise that Iwobi was sacrificed when Xhaka was stupidly sent-off for serious foul play, as his influence on the day was not great.

An afternoon to forget for the young forward.