Phone wallpapers are definitely something that will never stop being popular – so here I am with another bundle!

The last one I made was back in September so this was very much overdue!

Not long ago, I asked ,who do you guys want to have on your wallpaper, either on desktop or phon,e, and there were lots of random answers. Bellerin was an obvious winner so he got one just for himself, but others mentioned were Iwobi, Mesut, Alexis, Giroud.

So, here they are, the 4 requested, plus 2 more. I added Mustafi because he’s our lucky charm! And, although not everyone’s cup of tea, Arsene Wenger with one of my personal favourite quotes of his.

Hope you like these!

Please, send me screenshots on Twitter (@arsenalofka) if you end up using them, or the old ones from September. I love seeing them in action!

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mobile giroud mobile mustafi mobile mesut mobile wenger mobile iwobi mobile