Arsene Wenger has praised Chelsea on their nine-game winning streak but can they continue?

The boss knows a thing or two about unbeaten runs. Therefore, he knows just how hard it is to maintain them.

“They are one of the teams who are doing extremely well at the moment,” he said ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Everton.

“They will have to maintain that, like everybody else at the top. I believe they will be one of the title candidates, of course. There’s no super favourite at the moment.”

Coincidentally, it seems that Arsenal are the catalyst behind Chelsea’s brilliant form since they lost 3-0 to us just before seemingly becoming unbeatable.

Can they keep up this tempo all season? Who knows. However, what is certain is that they’re not the only team in with a chance of winning it. Just because Arsenal aren’t favourites doesn’t mean we won’t.

Manchester City, despite looking pretty leaky this season under new manager, Pep Guardiola, are still up there. While Spurs and Liverpool certainly can’t be ruled out either.

It’s at interesting season because we have so many top managers and players in the Premier League. It’s perhaps the best it’s ever been, yet still impossible to predict.