On Friday, reports began to come through thick and fast that Leipzig manager, Ralph Hasenhuttl, had just confirmed he had been approached over the Arsenal job.

But did he?

The main part of his comments that all the outlets appear to be focusing on is where he said that’s ‘a lot of truth’ to stories linking him with the job.


However, nowhere does he actually claim to have been asked. He doesn’t say which part of the story is true. The fact that he also refers to it as a ‘story’ is also pretty self explanatory.

Here’s what he said in full:

“It was a well-researched story. There was a lot of truth to it.

“I have heard of worse fates than succeeding the longest-serving manager in England. It’s not damaging my reputation, is it?

“We don’t have to put too much thought into it. I have found my luck here.”

He’s very complimentary of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. He even appears flattered by the link. However, if he has been seriously approached, I highly doubt he would be talking about it in the press. He probably wouldn’t be allowed.

Who is Ralph Hasenhuttl?

After playing as a striker for the likes of Austria Wien, Koln, Bayern Munich’s second team and Austria, Ralph turned to coaching.

At the age of 49, the Austrian has been coaching for nine years and has carved out quite a name for himself in the Bundesliga, coaching at SpVgg Unterhaching (2007-2010), VfR Aalen (2011-2013), FC Ingolstadt 04 (2013-2016) and now RB Leipzig.

At FC Ingolstadt 04, he took the struggling club from second from bottom in 2.Bundesliga to 10th before getting them promoted to the Bundesliga the following season and finishing 11th.

Considering Hasenhuttl only joined Leipzig in May, I don’t see him leaving so soon. They’re currently level on points with Bayern Munich at the top of the Bundesliga table and have a shot at winning it. Would he really leave that?

Of course, we could have approached him. I highly doubt we haven’t spoken to anyone about taking over from Wenger when the time comes.

The media, however, as usual, could do with taking it down notch.