130 years of our great club in one equally big graphic.

It took me hours to research, pick the events and years, create the graphic, organise it all and then re-organise it because I didn’t like it, remove some events and add others… it’s been long couple of days!

But, it’s here.

I love timeline infographs so that’s what I went with here as well.

In the background, I added a graph that is showing how Arsenal was placed in the First league over years, and when they won a league trophy. Some events are highlighted as the most important, and some have images added to illustrate them more closely.

Obviously, I couldn’t cover all the major events – some had to be left out, so I went with my personal faves, that I picked after re-reading the history articles 2 or 3 times. There are mostly good and positive events, but I added some bad ones, too, just because that’s all Arsenal and we should know about bad times as well.

Click on the image to see it in its full, 3500 px wide, glory.

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Click for full size