When Petr Cech was asked recently to pick his highlight of 2016 he had to go back to 2015 to find it.

Speaking to the Arsenal programme, the shot stopper, who has come in for criticism this season due to some poor performances, was asked to name his favourite moment on the pitch in 2016.

This is what he said:

“We’ve had many moments where we’ve had big wins last season and this one too.

“My favourite moment from last season – which was at the end of 2015 – was when we went to Athens and knew we had to win by at least two goals to progress in the Champions League. It’s not an easy task away from home but we did it and the feeling after the game was something to remember.

“You can go through and find more great moments throughout the year, and some not so great, but we’ve certainly had more moments to remember than not.”

While I’m sure an argument can be made for more highlights than disappointments, when you can’t name one for yourself and have to reach into the year before for the first thing that springs to mind when asked about ‘best moments’ perhaps you aren’t exactly making the strongest argument for your point.