With Arsenal players new and not-so-new doing us proud all year long (mostly), it’s been difficult to pick which one stands out the most.

Well… not that hard but bear with me.

#3 Hector Bellerin

Despite being just 21 years old, Bellerin has been a revelation since he broke into Arsenal’s first team in 2014.

The right-back has now become one of our regular starters; one of the first names on the team sheet and one of our most important players.

90 appearances since 2014 is no joke and in that time he’s provided 11 assists. Perhaps he could score more (3) but the speed, agility and creativity he adds to our attack when going forward is priceless.

It was telling that his former club, Barcelona, and Manchester City began sniffing around. Fortunately for us, however, the Spain international chose to sign a new, long-term deal with Arsenal, reportedly taking him up to 2023 in north London.

What’s so exciting about Bellerin is the fact that he’s so young. He’s got so much developing to do and if he’s this good now, what on earth is he going to be like in a few years?

#2 Mesut Ozil

Ozil is one of my favourite players. He was one of those players that when I watched him at Real Madrid, I wanted him at Arsenal but never dreamed it could happen. I still remember the day it did like it was yesterday.

The man is a magician. Plain and simple.

19 Premier League assists last season only scrapes the surface of what this playmaker is capable of and towards the end of 2016, this season, he even began finding the net.

The German international has scored five goals and assisted three in 17 Premier League appearances, and scored four and assisted three in six in the Champions League.

The 28-year-old takes a lot of flack. Mostly unfairly. But I’d like to think that there aren’t many Gooners out there who don’t appreciate the genius that is Mesut Ozil.

With 18 months left on his contact at Arsenal, I’m reasonably confident he’ll stay. He loves London and genuinely seems to be happy with us. Hopefully, it can continue.


#1 Alexis Sanchez

There was only one man who could stop me from putting Mesut Ozil first and that’s Alexis Sanchez.

Since signing for Arsenal in 2014, he’s scored 56 goals and assisted 35. He’s moved from the left wing to the centre and back again, sometimes within the same bloomin’ game, and excelled in both positions. In fact, I’m pretty confident he could play just about everywhere and still show up everyone on the pitch.

He’s come back from injury sooner than anyone thought was physically possible and played past the pain barrier for the good of his team.

He loves football in its purest form. He lives for it, breathes for it, and, let’s face it, probably probably doesn’t think of much else.

Alexis Sanchez is the type of footballer everyone wants at their club. Even on his off days, he’s better than 99% of the players on the pitch.

Let’s hope he decides to stay.