It may not surprise you in the slightest but Alexis Sanchez has more shots, on target or otherwise, than any other player for either Arsenal or West Ham during the Gunners’ 5-1 win.

The Chilean not only scored a hattrick, he also had five shots on goal, four of which were on target.

To put into perspective how much better he was than anyone else on the pitch: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was second best with four shots in total, two on target and one goal.


Alexis’ three goals all went into the bottom left hand corner of the goal from his right boot. Interestingly, his unsuccessful shots either came from the middle or the left, highlighting his stronger side.

Still, with Alexis, I’m not sure he even has a weak side!

Alexis is simply on another level to everyone else, even my favourite player Mesut Ozil was overshadowed on Saturday evening by his brilliance.

Even when he wasn’t having a shot, he was still a threat and didn’t let the West Ham defence rest for a second.

Let’s hope he stays at Arsenal for a long time.