Alexis Sanchez recently spoke about how much he likes going out to eat in London but, apparently, he can find the big city stressful.

In an interview with Arsenal Player, the Chilean admitted that being a football player can be very energy-consuming and, therefore, rather than explore the city with its millions of people, he usually stays at home. Presumably with his dogs.

“I do explore the city if I have the time for it but normally I would rather stay relaxed at home,” he said.

“London can be a stressful place because it´s crowded and it´s a big city. Our routines as footballers can be energy-consuming too. You play one game after another, meet new people every day and travel a lot. That is why I try to disconnect and relax as soon as I get some time off.”

It’s a bit of an odd segment for Arsenal’s official website to push out and, although I may be looking at this all wrong, it seems a little coincidental for them to ask him about his love for the city he’s living in at around the same time there are (ridiculous) rumours that he could be on his way to China.

Whether this is just to placate the fans, who are getting impatient considering he’s ‘only’ got 18 months left on his existing contract, or it’s just as a coincidental filler piece to plug up the gap until our Boxing Day match against West Brom, I don’t know.