When asked about whether Jack Wilshere has a future at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger simply replied that he thinks he does.

The last week has been filled with talk of whether we’ll ever see Wilshere in an Arsenal shirt again.

It’s a strange feeling because, at one stage, if fans were ever going to put their money on one player being at Arsenal for the rest of their lives, it would most likely have been Jack Wilshere. Or maybe Carl Jenkinson since I’m pretty sure he’d just lock himself in a cupboard at London Colney if we ever tried to sell him.

However, the recent interview he gave with the Daily Mail suggests otherwise. In fact, myself and others have never been more convinced that the midfielder, who was destined for such big things in north London until injuries struck, will never return.

Therefore, when Wenger replied that he believes Jack does have a future at Arsenal, it was sad but not necessarily denial. Otherwise, I think he would have sounded optimistic; maybe he would have tried to spin it or completely ignore the obvious motive behind the question.

No. I think he knows Jack’s gone better than anyone.