Arsenal’s Takuma Asano has revealed that he is aiming to hit double digits in goals this season for the first time and that his loan deal has an option which could see him remain in Germany.

Takuma Asano scored his first goal of the season against Karlsruher SC at the weekend, but he is hoping that it will be the first of many.

“In Japan, too, there are such games where there is a rivalry, but to be honest, I have experienced this brutal atmosphere for the first time,” Asano told Kicker in Germany about the game at the weekend.

“That was probably my first real derby.

“I have not achieved a double-digit number of goals in a season in Japan, but that would be a goal, even if it sounds daring.

“I have not had a game where I have been fully satisfied with my performance,” Asano added.

Asano has signed a one-year loan deal but there is an option to extend it for a further 12 months should the club and player wish. Stressing that there is no plan in place for his return to Arsenal, Asano added, “I do not have Arsenal in mind, but Stuttgart.” 

21, it’s not clear where Asano figures in the plans of Arsenal and what the point in signing him really was.

As good as he is, his level is well below that which is required at Arsenal and people are rightly asking if this is just a marketing exercise akin to the signing of Park Chu Young.