It’s unusual to come across a goal scoring and assist stat that doesn’t involved Mesut Ozil but here we are.

According to this graph, which has used stats from Transfermarkt, Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott have the best assist + goal to minute ratio out of all the other Arsenal players.

The Chilean forward has scored a goal or provided an assist around every 83 minutes this season, while Theo has around every 99.

Although they’re not up there with the likes of Lionel Messi (>55) and Franck Ribery (around 59), they’re still part of the top 40 most prolific attackers in the world at the moment. Impressive.

via Reddit

Strangely, Olivier Giroud hasn’t made the cut, which makes me suspect that he’s not played enough to be included on the graph since he was injured for a lot of the season. Just for argument’s sake, his would be 46.6 (in all competitions; 52.3 in just the Premier League + Champions League), if he’d have been included, which is probably why he wasn’t.

It’s good to see the likes of Theo getting on there since, despite his vast improvement this term, he’s still often forgotten as one of our main threats going forward.