Hector Bellerin has revealed a strange injury on Snapchat; is this why he’s been left out of the Spain u21 squad to face Austria?

The right-back has been left out of the squad to face Austria and, upon hearing the news, predictably, Gooners went into meltdown.

However, nothing’s been said about Bellerin’s potential injury except perhaps a picture he shared on his Snapchat in which his ear looks severely bruised.

He’s captioned the snap: “ear doesn’t look too good after the game”.

via Reddit
via Reddit

Since Spain’s u21s are yet to play, we can only assume he means the Arsenal v Spurs 1-1 draw on Sunday. However, he’s in what appears to be a Spain training kit, implying that this is a reasonably new development if he still traveled.

Hopefully it gets better soon. Although it may seem minor, his balance could be affected and it implies he got a hefty knock to the head.

For all we know, this might not even be the reason he’s sidelined.