David Ospina has told FOX Sports that he helped his parents accept Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez when the player was dating his sister.

James and David’s sister, Daniela, met in 2008. James was 16, about to head to Argentina and had never met David at that stage. Although it is claimed that David introduced them, this does not seem to be true.

However they met, they began dating shortly after but Ospina has revealed that their parents did not approve initially and that he had to intervene.

“James left Colombia when he was very young,” David said.

“I did not have the chance to meet him at that time and then my sister told me she was dating a Colombian player.

“I had to help a lot because the old ones did not quite agree with the relationship. I said be quiet, that everything is organised.

“He stole the heart of my sister, but I had to help get him into the family because my parents did not quite agree.”

James Rodriguez and Daniela Ospina
James and Daniela

James and Daniela married in 2011 when she turned 18 (he was 19).

David also said that his sister was a visionary as she spotted James long before he became a world class player.

“I said you have to be a football entrepreneur because you have a good eye.

Daniela faced a lot of online abuse from fans of James when he came to the attention of the World (and Real Madrid) at the 2014 World Cup. She even resorted to plastic surgery in the wake of a barrage of spiteful comments about her appearance.

They are still happily married and have one daughter, Salome. She was born in 2013.