Per Mertesacker has revealed that he wanted the UK to remain in the EU but also thinks people should give Donald Trump a chance.

Speaking in an interview with Mittelbayerische, the Arsenal captain spoke at length about the German national team, his injury, and his future, as well as that of Arsene Wenger.

He was also asked about the crazy political decisions we’ve seen this year, namely, Brexit and the unbelievable US Presidential Election that saw Donald Trump elected despite losing the popular vote and campaigning on a racists platform that he used to denigrate women.

The question came up as they were disussing his future and he was asked if he could play in the Major League knowing that Trump was president.

“You have to deal with these issues very sensitively,” Per said when asked to what extent a footballer could influence politics.

“At that time in Great Britain I felt touched and affected. I was just one of many prominent figures who stood out for each EU – out of my conviction. Great Britain, EU, that fits, keep it up! I found it good and authentic to position yourself.

“The question [about playing in the US under Trump] is too hypothetical. 

“I’m too far away. Basically, I advise all of us to wait and see what happens. 

“There is much talk in election campaigns. How it is then implemented is another question. 

“Maybe we should give the chosen one a chance.”

No, Per. We really shouldn’t.