It didn’t take long for Alexis to win the hearts of Arsenal fans everywhere.

He wasn’t cheap and he came from Barcelona, so everyone had pretty high expectations for him, and he delivered. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first because he never really caught my attention, but I also didn’t watch Barcelona in the league, only in Europe so what do I know?!

In our league match against Sunderland, Alexis scored his 7th and 8th goal this season, and 49th and 50th of his Arsenal career.

It took him 106 games to achieve that, only 2 more than it took for Henry to do the same.

And let’s not forget Alexis didn’t play as a striker for most of those 106 games.

It took 236 shots for him to score 50, and vast majority were scored with his right foot from left side of the pitch and from inside the box. Alexis, not your tallest player on the pitch, scored 6 headers thanks to his high jump.

Unlikey Henry and other strikers that score a lot of goals throughout the season, Alexis hasn’t scored a single penalty in those 106 games.

He’s taken two penalties during his time at Arsenal, and missed both times. He is much better at free kicks – scored 4 of those.

Alexis scores a goal every 127 minutes, and he scored more than one in 11 games – 10 braces (like against Sunderland) but only one hat trick – last season against future champions Leicester in that crazy match at King Power stadium.

Check out these and lots of other stats in the infographic below:

Alexis Sanchez 50 goals Infographic
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