Tottenham goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, has apparently dubbed Laurent Koscielny as one of the best defenders in the world.

The France international, who’s currently away with the France national team with Kos, heaped praise onto the centreback, according to Matt Spiro.

Although praise of a fellow professional, even a club rival, wouldn’t go down too horrifically usually since they’re compatriots, the comments come at a particularly bad time.

Lloris is apparently arguing the toss over a new Spurs contract. He’s got three years left on his current deal but the 29-year-old allegedly wants a pay rise, bringing him to £100,000 a week. This is above Spurs’ salary cap, which they’re reportedly not willing to break.

Therefore, if these reports are genuine, not only does it look as if Lloris is leaving because he wants more money, he’s now going around complimenting Arsenal players.

Of course, for all we know, Spurs fans might not give two hoots about the comments but I’m pretty sure they care whether he stays or goes.