Olivier Giroud is still not a happy man, admitting that he is frustrated being on the bench.

Scoring his eighth goal from his last nine shots, his deadly touch from the bench means that he is an immense weapon in Arsenal’s armoury and he has certainly done enough to warrant a start.

With Alexis’ hamstring in desperate need of a rest, surely the boss will turn to the Frenchman sooner rather than later? It’s hard not to think that he would have given Rojo and Jones a significantly different challenge than Arsenal presented before his introduction.

Speaking to SFR Sport, Giroud said after the game against Manchester United, “It is frustrating to be on the bench, watching your teammates on the pitch. I would like to play more in the coming weeks, that is for sure.”

His goal was also the first Arsenal goal against a Mourinho side since Gilberto scored in 2007 and Giroud’s 10th as a sub.

Here are all the goals he has scored after coming off the bench: