Olivier Giroud was spotted out on the town after Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with PSG, proving you are what you eat as he left the ‘Sexy Fish’ restaurant.

The Sun, who are running a piece claiming he was celebrating Arsenal making the last 16 of the Champions League seem to have forgotten that Arsenal actually qualified three weeks ago. We’ll forgive them, it’s not like they have anything approaching a good track record when it comes to such trivialities as ‘facts’ and ‘truth’.


Tom Sheen, the author of the piece, makes zero mention of Arsenal having qualified after their game against Ludogorets at the start of November, but the article mentions Arsenal qualifying after last night’s result FOUR TIMES.

And if you think that might just be a case of things being poorly worded, or of a sub-editor taking things out of context, Sheen writes in the middle of the piece, “The Gunners qualified after a tench [this is supposed to be some sort of fish pun] draw with French champions PSG at the Emirates, Unai Emery’s side taking the lead through a brill-iantly [ditto] worked goal from Edison Cavani.”

Anyway, Giroud was snapped leaving the restaurant looking absolutely busted.


Meals are believed to cost over £100-a-head according to the Sun.

Giroud earns around £100,000 per week so that’s basically like a McDonald’s to him.

Sexy Fish
Sexy Fish