Ajax forward, Kasper Dolberg, is impressing in the Dutch league, leading former Netherlands international, Willem van Hanegem, to compare him to one of the best players to don an Arsenal shirt.

The 19-year-old has scored eight goals in 12 appearances in Eredivisie so far this season and another two in the Europa League. It’s his first term at senior level and for him to already have become a regular starter is outstanding.

What’s more is that he just seems to be getting better, scoring a hattrick and grabbing an assist against NEC Nijmegen on Sunday.

According to Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad [via Elfvoetbal], former Feyenoord midfielder, Willem van Hanegem, believes that Dolberg could even be quicker than legend Dennis Bergkamp.

He went on to say:

“His gait looks elegant and relaxed, because it causes him no trouble. And he’s fast. If you give him the ball, he can do something with it. Bounce? He does it at the right speed, the right direction. You can send him in deep or in combination use. It does not matter to him.

“He has a good sense of where the ball is and is very mobile. In addition, he is a good finisher and score also goes easy on him. 

“Even if he does something wrong, it still looks pretty. Yesterday I looked at Barcelona. The drew against Malaga (0-0) a few stars didn’t have it easy. Then you see what behind it is mediocrity. They are really no better than Dolberg though.”

Blimey. Now although the exact quote used doesn’t mention Bergkamp, the outlet itself claims this quote followed the comparison.

Obviously, the Denmark international has a long, long way to go before coming anywhere near the Flying Dutchman but I can understand why Van Hanegem would draw similarities considering his nationality (Van Hanegem and Bergkamp).

What’s more is that Bergkamp is assistant manager at Ajax so will be very familiar with the starlet’s qualities.

I wonder how long it’ll be before Arsenal are linked, eh?