As much as I hate to say it, Sergio Aguero is not signing for Arsenal.

The Manchester City striker is one of those players who I watch playing for other clubs and almost can’t contain my jealousy. He’s quick, prolific and not a complete idiot. He’s got such a charismatic playing style; he’s a pleasure to watch.

149 goals in 221 appearances, considering his injury woes, is simple stunning.

Would I like to have him at Arsenal?

You bet your arse I would. But I never dreamed it was a possibility.

When the Argentine was left on the bench for City’s trip to Barcelona on 19 October, a match his team would lose 4-0, talk starting to swirl that the striker was on his way out of the club. Despite it only being one game and Pep Guardiola claiming it was for tactical reasons. Nothing personal.

It was therefore only a matter of time before Arsenal were linked since the media love to hurt us.

The reports appeared to start in Don Balon and blew up quickly with Spurs also reportedly interested. Most recently, Real Madrid have been added to the mix.

The next thing we knew, the odds on Aguero signing for Arsenal had been slashed from 16/1 to 6/1, despite rumours that PSG are willing to cough up €90m.

So, just in case you need reminding, as much as it pains me to type it out, here are five reasons why Arsenal won’t be signing Sergio Aguero.


The first and most obvious reason, apart from his transfer fee, is his wage demands.

The 28-year-old is reportedly one of the highest paid players in the Premier League, apparently earning a whopping £204,700 a week.

Arsenal’s highest paid player is Mesut Ozil, who takes home around £50,000 less than this.

If we were to sign Aguero, we’d have to completely blow our entire wage structure out the water, which, for a club that’s self-sustaining, isn’t easy by any means. All this for one player? I don’t think so.

£££Transfer fee£££

Although whether PSG are really willing to fork out a massive €90m (around £81.3m) for Aguero, you have to imagine he wouldn’t be far off. It’s a huge amount but considering the guy has the best goals-to-minutes ratio in Premier League history (106.9), you have to imagine that he’ll set you back a few bob.

Plus, his price could be justified by the amount of money he brings into the club. If he helps win trophies, there are monetary rewards. Then there’s shirts sales, attracting fans, big sponsors and the like.

There’s a decent financial incentive over signing a player of his calibre but you have to spend money to make money.


Aguero has played for City for five years now. Six by the time any potential transfer could ‘realistically’ happen.

And while I’m not sure how deep the player’s loyalties lie with the club, particularly if he hypothetically does feel as if he’s not being treated with respect, I truly don’t believe Pep would sell him to a rival.

We’ve spoken about this between ourselves at Daily Cannon and while one suggested that perhaps the former Bayern Munich boss could potentially see it as a challenge, most don’t believe he would.

Pep knows how good Aguero is. Even if he doesn’t fit into his immediate plans, he knows he could make a rival 100x stronger and I don’t think he’d take that risk.

If he goes anywhere, it won’t be in the Premier League.

Media fodder

All other points aside, we don’t know whether there’s actually any truth at all to the rumours.

Pep seems keen on keeping him, recently saying:

“I want to make it clear I am very happy with Sergio and hope he can stay at the club for a long time. He is a very special player and we cannot forget how many goals scored here.”

After the striker scored a brace against West Brom at the weekend, his manager was quick to praise him.

“I’d like to convince Sergio how important he is.

“We need him a lot. When he shows that brilliance and belief Sergio is exceptional. We want to try and help him to be better and better. He is fantastic.

“He is part of the history of this club but I would like to help him still. That is my target – help him to feel how important he is for us in in every game.

“He is one of the best. And above all that he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I love working with the nice guys, and Sergio is one of them.”

You see, Aguero was only benched for one game. That’s hardly being messed about, as Ian Wright put it earlier in the week.

What to do about Alexis and Giroud?

I would find it odd and incredibly out of character if Arsene Wenger suddenly decided to kick Giroud to the curb after sticking by him for so long.

Alexis has managed to excel in his own role up front and the team are finding the net with ease.

Would Aguero improve our squad? Quite possibly. But I wouldn’t say we NEED him for success. Not anymore.