Francis Coquelin believes that Arsenal need a better start against PSG than they managed in Paris if they are to have any chance of winning the game.

The match against the French Champions was another that Arsenal were fortunate to get anything from. Had Edinson Cavani known what a net was for, Arsenal could well have been handed a lesson. But they weren’t and somehow managed to leave Paris with a point.

Speaking to the match day programme, Francis was asked what Arsenal need to do to improve on that first game.

“Starting the game a bit better than how we did in the first leg,” he said. “I think that will be crucial. But we’re playing at home, so it will be down to us to put the pressure on them this time around.

“Of course it’s a special match and it’s the two top teams in this group, so everyone will be expecting a big game – and we do as well. We expect a good result. I think the fans will be behind the team for 90 minutes. We just have to perform.”

Arsenal are, of course, already qualified and everything is now about top spot.

That, however, does not seem to be as important this year as in previous seasons with so many groups containing two very strong teams and several of the top seeds struggling to top their own groups.

Sitting in second place at the minute are the likes of Bayern Munich (three points behind Atletico Madrid, you just know if we win our group this is our fate) and Real Madrid (two points behind Dortmund).

Top spots are currently taken by Benfica, Barca, Monaco, and Juve in addition to the two mentioned above and the two English clubs who are topping their group (not Tottenham, ha!)

Anyway, it’s always better to win than not win, so let’s do that and let the Champions League chips fall where they may.