Once again the age-old issue of football ticket prices has come around thanks to a new study and – shockingly – Arsenal’s have been proven not to be all that outlandish AGAIN.

It’s a well-known myth that apparently Arsenal have the most expensive ticket prices in all the land (and lesser known that they give their fans more games than others clubs).

Now, although the most expensive Arsenal season can set you back £2013, our cheapest is £1014. Compare this to Spurs’ most expensive, £1895 (their lowest £765), and you realise that although our season ticket prices are higher on average, most people will be spending somewhere in the middle.

Interestingly, however, most Premier League teams have now capped their away ticket prices at £30, which is actually less than the Championship (£31.57).

Arsene Wenger is, and always has been in favour of freezing ticket prizes, which Arsenal have done and so have 53% of the Premiership.

Now, if you look at the average price of an individual ticket, back in 2015, Arsenal were actually in the middle. Lower than most of the other big teams, charging an average of £27 per ticket. Chelsea’s were the most expensive at £52!

Heading overseas and we can see that high ticket prices aren’t exclusive to the Premier League. Barcelona’s cheapest matchday ticket is… ready for it… £372, despite their cheapest season ticket only being £114. And PSG’s most expensive ticket is £2588.

Arsenal don’t seem so bad now, do they?

To clarify, ticket prices are huge and they are pricing out the people who love the sport. However, Arsenal are far from the only culprits.