Jack Wilshere has already kitted his little girl, Delilah, out with a Bournemouth kit and if the comments section on his Instagram is anything to go by, this hasn’t done anything to calm Arsenal fans’ nerves regarding his departure.

Recently, the midfielder, who’s on loan with the Cherries, did a couple of interviews that definitely implied that he won’t be returning to north London.

He’s enjoying it down in Bournemouth, is getting plenty of football and is staying fit. What more could he want? At Arsenal, there’s too much competition for space and he’s happy where he is.

“It’s difficult for me to say because I love Arsenal and I’ve had great times there, and they’ve been great for me, and I can still see myself playing there,” he said in his most recent Times interview.

“But who knows what the future holds? I’ve got a year left when I go back there.

“At the moment I’m just trying to have a season where it puts me in a good position at the end of the year, I’m improved as a player and Arsenal want me back, and we’ll see where we go from there.

“I always thought to myself ‘of course I love Arsenal’ but if there comes a time where I have to leave, then I have to leave, you know? If I go back and I’m not going to be playing, then, of course, I have to think about things.

“But at the moment I’m concentrating on Bournemouth. I want to put myself in a position where I go back next year and I’m a better player, and I’m fitter, and I can prove to people I can play week in, week out, and I’m ready for the challenge.”

There are some who still hold out hope that Wilshere will return. However, that number might be even less after he shared a picture of him and his daughter, referring to her as his little Cherry. She’s wearing a Bournemouth kit, obviously.


In some ways, I don’t want to attach too much meaning to an Instagram picture. After all, the club probably gifted him the tiny outfit for free and his daughter is adorable. However, this, combined with the recent interviews, does feel as if his allegiance has changed.

Something has shifted recently and although I did see him coming back when he first went out on loan, I’m not so sure now.