Here it is, the dreaded November.

It feels like it started already during last week of October with injuries to Lucas Perez, Santi Cazorla and Nacho Monreal.

We all hate November, it’s our worst month when it comes to points won.

That’s not made up, it’s a fact:

And, shocker, we have some pretty big matches in November.

It all starts with a nice little trip to Bulgaria, where we face Ludogorets in the Champions League. It should be an easy match, especially after the goal fest we had in the home fixture.

After that, one of two huge matches in November – the North London Derby.

We face an unbeaten-but-still-not-above-Arsenal Tottenham that are in a very good form (wash your mouth, Anita). The NLDs are tough every season and this one might be the toughest yet.

We’ll see, I have high hopes for our team, as always.

Then, we have a silly little international break, when Alexis will play 1000 minutes and everyone will get a little knock. Perfect just before yet another huge match – Jose Mourinho away.

I mean Manchester United away.

Yes, ManUtd haven’t been good this season and we are all loving it, but we are also Arsenal and you never know. I think we can handle them, but there’s always that thing when an average-performing player from an average team becomes world class when playing Arsenal *looks at Pogba*.

If you thought it would get easy after that, remind yourself it’s November.

Next up we have PSG at home. A draw in Paris seems like a really good result, but it will be even better if (when?) we beat them at home. Wednesday night in London, probably rainy and cold ’cause it’s November, can we do it? I think we can.

Okay, now it gets easier.

The last league match in November is at home against Jack Wilshere’s Bournemouth. He won’t play, of course, but I can’t wait for his Instagrams before and after. This should be pretty straight forward win for us, but it is on 27th, and God knows how many players will be injured by then.

The month ends with an EFL Cup fixture, at home against Southampton, who we have already beaten this season in the league (2-1 at home). I fully expect youngsters, just like against Reading, with perhaps one or two additions from first team because it is a Premier League side we face.

So that’s it, that’s the whole dreaded month of November.

It hasn’t even started, and I can’t wait for it to be over.

I hope this wallpaper will make you a bit more excited about it than I am. The photo is from the Champions League night in October.

As always, download your size (ight-click to save), and tweet me how you like it.

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