Guillem Balague believes that neither Manchester City nor Barcelona will pay attention to the fact that Hector Bellerin wants to remain with Arsenal and will try to convince him to leave London.

With Arsene Wenger confirming that the club are getting ready to double Bellerin’s wages to ensure he has even more incentive to remain at Arsenal, it seems like this could turn into an extended war given Barcelona and Pep Guardiola’s history when they want one of our players.

We all remember the Cesc Fabregas chase which happened under Guardiola’s watch when he was at Barca and I don’t doubt for a minute that he would happily wage another press campaign to unsettle Hector.

In fact, it might have already begun.

As for Barca, we also know that they have zero scruples when it comes to wanting a player.

What is clear is that if Arsenal want to keep a player of Bellerin’s age and talent at the club in the long term, they need to start putting the big trophies on the table.

Otherwise, it will become all-too-easy for another club that is delivering to turn his head.