Emmanuel Petit was speaking on SFR’s show le vestiaire and he spoke about Arsenal’s first-team coach, Boro Primorac.

Manu was asked about the relations between managers and their assistants that had the most impact during his career and he talked about Aime Jacquet and his staff who won the World Cup.

He also talked about Arsene Wenger and Boro Primorac and had a funny anecdote about him. Boro, you have to be around him, it is very impressive”

He said, the players were recently laughing about it at the Milan legends game. The oldies were saying that Primorac “speaks the same English from 20 years ago”.

Mentioning the usual pre-game warm up exercises, instead of saying “lift the ball” he says “leve the ball” a mix of French, English and his own slang.

Manu added, “in the end, he makes sentences that nobody understands except him, although after 10 years everybody understands him, it is just mad.”