Emmanuel Petit seems to love a rant about Arsenal, despite apparently ‘loving’ the club and this time he’s just making stuff up.

The former Gunner claimed that Arsenal still won’t win anything this seasons because we haven’t bought a new, world class striker. Yawn. This old argument again. It’s as if he’s not actually watched us this term but anyway, I digress.

Here’s what he said to SFR Sport.

“Even though I love Arsenal and Arsene, I try to stay objective.

“They never quite satisfy me, and they often frustrate me.

“As long as Arsenal don’t have a striker who scores 40 goals a season like Aguero does at Manchester City. That’s what you need in any league: a striker who is one of the best in the world.”

Now, as much as I rate Sergio Aguero and would of course love him at Arsenal, not that that will ever happen, I thought 40 goals a season sounded a bit much. I certainly don’t remember that.

Looking at his stats, last season the striker scored 29 goals in all 44 appearances in all competitions. The season before, 32. Before that, 28. 17. 30. 27.

Don’t get me wrong. For a striker to be consistently hanging around the 30-mark is phenomenal considering the injury troubles he’s had. He’s one of the best strikers in the world. However, not once has he hit 40.

I realise I’m being pedantic here and that Petit just means we need a big name striker. The same thing plenty have been saying for years. However, my point is, is that it demonstrates that half the time, when talking about Arsenal, critics tend to just spout off cliches without actually looking into what they’re saying.

There’s a media narrative that’s been in place for years and even though things are changing, they’re like a broken record.

So far this season, in the Premier League, Arsenal and City are level on goals scored (19). We’re clearly not having any trouble at the moment.

How are we supposed to buy a player like Aguero who scores 40 a season when Aguero doesn’t even score that many?

How are we supposed to buy a player who doesn’t exist?

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