Jamie Redknapp and Tim Sherwood believe that Jack Wilshere has no future at Arsenal and that the player will realise he has to move from the club in order to have a career.

Failing to note how Arsene Wenger believes that Jack could manage Arsenal one day, nor how much the midfielder loves it at the club, where he has been since a wee tot, Rednapp just lets his mouth open accepts whatever crap that falls out as the truth.

“I don’t see a future at Arsenal any more, I think now he will realise he has got to get away from Arsenal,” ‘Arry’s son said.

“It’s too comfortable for him there. He is not going to get into the team at Arsenal regularly.

“If he makes that move he can show what he is all about. No disrespect, I think he’s a step above Bournemouth, but I think it’s a great thing for him to do. He’s really putting himself out there.”

As if that wasn’t enough nonsense, Tim Sherwood added, “I’m sure he’d go back there because he is a good talent to have around, but I agree with Jamie, this is a great stepping stone for him.”

There is simply no way that Arsenal will let Wilshere go, especially not given the investment they have made in him and the time (and money) spent getting him back from injury after injury.

For Jack’s part, he is unlikely to want to leave given the lengths he has shown willingness to go to to ensure an Arsenal future.

As for Redknapp and Sherwood…