Check out Arsene Wenger playing football back in the day in his Arsenal kit.

The boss looks to be wearing the 1996-1998 Arsenal home kit, which would obviously have been the strip back when he was first appointed manager 20 years ago.

Since the ‘opposing team’ is wearing the Arsenal away kit, I imagine it was just a training session. However, if you have any more information about this, just contact us @DailyCannon on Twitter.

People seem to forget that the boss played football before becoming a manager, although the picture was obviously taken after his retirement from playing.

As a youngster, he played for FC Duttlenheim and Mutzig, while later on he moved on to Mulhouse and Strasbourg.

Via Reddit
Via Reddit

To be fair, considering how long ago this was, he hasn’t changed too much over 20 years, which, if you take into account the amount of stress he’s probably been under, is pretty impressive.

Although he wasn’t the world’s best player, he’s certainly one of the world’s best managers.