If you saw the headlines, you were no doubt expecting something immense from Michy Batshauyi’s ‘brutal takedown’ of an Arsenal fan on Twitter.

I myself, couldn’t resist clicking on the first headline I saw, expecting to see something witty, intelligent or, at the very least, original.

What I saw was the comeback equivalent of ‘no, you are!’

Still, given I’d seen the headline on HITC, I didn’t think it was worth bothering with.

Then the ‘brutal takedown’ was a big headline on the Daily Star.

This thing was starting to spread


Here is the amazing  takedown, are you prepared?

Batshauyi tweeted:


An Arsenal fan replied:


Here it comes, are you sure you can handle the brutality of it?


Batshauyi replied ‘get over it mate.’

That’s it.

That’s what he said.

Not only is it as ‘brutal’ as a kitten wrapped in cotton wool, IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!

Get over it? Get over what? Arsenal beat Chelsea.

The only thing ‘brutal’ about this whole ‘story’ is the media’s coverage of it.