Jack Wilshere has posted to his Facebook to say he’s delighted to be at Bournemouth and how he’s sure that it will help him develop.

While Arsenal fans debate what this means for Jack’s Arsenal future (it means he’s being given a chance to get fit and in form for Arsenal, that’s all) he really must be commended for how he’s handled this.

He’s taken a look at the situation and come to the realisation that this is what he needs to get his career back on track and he’s not too big to drop down a level (no offence, Cherries fans).

Many players with far less ability have been happy to sit on the bench at Arsenal and just collect their pay packet, but Jack wants to play, he wants his Arsenal spot back and he wants back into the England squad and is determined to do whatever it takes to get them.

In an age when we often talk about footballers just caring about money and image, this really should stand out.

Speaking to the official Bournemouth website, Eddie Howe said of the deal, “We met and had a good football talk.

“We talked about the club and various different things, obviously we’re delighted he’s chosen us and I feel he will do really well in the team.
“Jack is obviously out there on his own with his profile and what we’ve attracted before, it’s a good deal and one that can work for both sides.
“He can complement our style of play and maybe add that missing piece to the jigsaw.
“We had a good talk about football, about Bournemouth the place and the football club, thankfully he chose us.”