Arsene Wenger was keen to downplay any excitement after another great win, this time over Basel in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Taking on a side that had never lost in England, Arsenal blew them away and a scoreline of 6-0 would not have flattered Arsene Wenger’s men.

Speaking after the game, the boss praised the win, but was quick to stress that winning a few games in a row (4) doesn’t equate to winning a trophy.

“The game was quality, the win was comfortable, the only regret maybe that we didn’t not score enough goals tonight considering what we created but overall we’ve seen some excellent football tonight,” Wenger said after the match.

“By having desire to improve and not be happy with what you do [we can keep this up].

“That’s the best way to keep the urgency level high, the focus and desire.

“We have won a few games together but we haven’t won anything.

“The target is to get stronger, we had a slow start and let’s take advantage of the fact from game to game we get better.”

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