Anders Limpar has called Arsene Wenger ‘the best manager ever’ and believes that when he finally steps down, a former player should replace him.

With Wenger in the final year of his contract, speculation about his future looks set to be at the top of the agenda until the campaign is nearly over as it’s unlikely that he will sign a new one,at least until he works out how this one is going.

While he probably should think about moving on sooner rather than later at this point, it is not, by any means, a foregone conclusion that he will step down at the end of this season.

In fact, his recent comments about not wanting to retire make it more likely he will pen another three-year deal.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Limpar said, when asked to summarise Wenger’s contribution to Arsenal, “Everything and everything. You can never, ever question what Wenger has done for Arsenal, economically, trophy-wise. He’s done the lot. 

“He is the best manager ever.

““If he goes, when he goes, whether that’s a year or five years, we should probably take an old player.

“Tony Adams maybe. Or Dennis Bergkamp. 

“A lot of old players could take over, but Arsene’s not done yet. When the time comes we should pick a high-profile player.

“Why not Dennis? He’d be great. Take him and Thierry Henry as an assistant. They know the system, they know the club.”

Dennis Bergkamp as Arsenal manager? I don’t care if the man won’t fly. It would make my life complete if he came back and was a success.