It appears that PSG’s Marquinhos is actually to blame for both Olivier Giroud and Marco Verratti’s red cards on Tuesday night.

Many were baffled when the striker, along with Verratti, both received second yellows in the 93rd minute of the Champions League clash. Neither player appeared to know what was going on and Twitter exploded with everyone frantically searching for replays of the incident.

It appears that both were sent off for an altercation, which seemed to be triggered by Giroud knocking Verratti over. However, when you watch the video back, it appears as if the Frenchman obstructed the midfielder, causing his to fall to the ground and Giroud to trip over his leg. Then, Marquinhos came in, pushed Giroud into Verratti, who fell over again and then got up ready to start mouthing off.

Whether the referee gave the second yellows for the initial obstruction and trip or the following altercation remains to be seen. However, if it was for the latter, Marquinhos has some explaining to do.