According to Le Parisien, Marco Verratti has had his second yellow card from the Arsenal clash revoked.

The PSG player was sent off in the final minutes of the Champions League clash for an apparent altercation with Olivier Giroud, who was also handed a second yellow and told to leave the field.

After it was reported that Verratti’s second yellow and subsequent red would be appealed, we did some digging and discovered that you can only do this if there’s a case of mistaken identity. In this instance, this is reportedly what’s happened and the card has been given to Marquinhos.

Marquinhos was the only player to really push anyone and was oddly the only one who didn’t get punished at the time.

The case with Giroud is that although there were two PSG players involved, he was the only Gunner and therefore it’s hard to argue that his identity was mistaken. I therefore doubt he’ll have his second yellow revoked – I’m not even sure we appealed it.