Despite costing under half the amount, Mesut Ozil ranks 89 on Fifa 17 while Paul Pogba ranks 88.

This puts the former Juventus man at 18th in the world and Mesut at 12th.

Obviously, Pogba is a bit younger than Ozil. Four years younger, to be exact. So let’s look back at Fifa 2013 (released 2012) – four years ago – when the German was just 23.

Cast your minds back to a time when Robin van Persie was still rated 90… hard, I know.

Ozil was also rated 88. The same as Pogba. No more, no less. He cost Real Madrid a reported £16.6m just a couple of years before the game came out.

Now, I don’t mean to bring up this whole ‘why is Paul Pogba the second coming while Ozil is nicking a living’ fiasco again. A higher Fifa ranking does not a better footballer make. Also, the prices players are going for now is very different to 2010 – I get that.

However, the gulf that the media appear to see between the two talented players is not nearly as wide as they think. Or claim to think, anyway.

Other players rated 89 with Ozil are Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos and Sergio Aguero, so at least Fifa seem to recognise the player he is.