Thierry Henry is reported set to donate his €50,000 annual salary that he earns as assistant manager of the Belgium national team to charity.

The former Gunner, who left his role coaching our u18s at London Colney not long ago in favour of remaining a pundit, is apparently not keeping his €50,000 a year and is instead giving it to charity. Cue the jokes about him giving it to Arsenal…

Henry already earns a reported £4m a year with Sky Sports, with a total amounting to around £24m when his contract ends in 2021. This, along with various sponsorship deals, is probably enough that €50,000 a year is basically nothing.

This isn’t to say that what he’s doing, if true, isn’t amazing. Although €50,000 may not sound like a lot in the football industry, it’s huge for a charity and if he’s doing this every year, it’s lovely thing to do.

Although it might be not be true, these stories don’t always come from nowhere.

But we may never know.