Francis Coquelin believes that not having Jack Wilshere at Arsenal this season while he’s on loan at Bournemouth will be a big miss.

The Frenchman spoke about how he and Jack are firm friends off the pitch and praised his talent. However, as is the case with most of us, he’s praying that the 24-year-old can stay fit.

“He will be a big miss because we talk a lot off the pitch as well. I’ve dropped him a few texts to wish him good luck at Bournemouth,” Coq told Arsenal Player.

“It’s going to be a great thing for him to be able to play a full season, staying injury-free.

“We all know his talent, it’s just a case of him staying injury-free. I know he had a strong pre-season so he will be alright. He’s going to show the whole Premier League what he can do so he can come back even stronger.

“He will be focusing on having a great season at Bournemouth. It was a tough decision for him because he had a few options, but if he’s decided to go to Bournemouth it’s because he’s 200 per cent committed.

“He’s really ready and hopefully for us it will be amazing if he can come back fresh, fit and, even better, with a full season behind him.”

I have to disagree that Wilshere will be a big miss this season since one of the main reasons he went out on loan in the first place was because he wouldn’t be getting much playing time. However, I get what he means and when Jack’s fully fit (if you can remember that far back) he is a huge miss.

I’m pretty sure everyone associated with Arsenal right now has all their fingers and toes crosses that Wilshere manages to get a whole season – or at least most of one – under his belt so that he can return to us a new man.

Until then, we’ll have to watch this awkward video of Coq and Jack talking about fatherhood until they can be reunited.