The media are implying that because Barcelona’s sporting director, Robert Fernandez, brought up Arsenal in relation to footballer fees, he was taking a swipe at them but was he?

Is this the media just trying to create a feud when there isn’t one or did the Catalan man really intend to have a dig at Arsenal over our spending?

What did he say?

When asked about Barcelona’s signings this summer and whether they were limited financially, he told Sport English:

“No. I think we’ve done good deals. Umtiti in the current market would be worth a lot more. The Premier League (Arsenal) ended up paying €40m for Mustafi, for example.”

Samuel Umtit cost the La Liga giants a reported €25 – around €15m less than we apparently paid for Mustafi. They’re around a similar age and both represent their national teams. They also both play at centre-back. Therefore, the comparison between Umtit and Mustafi is actually a pretty fair one.

Fernandez isn’t going to bring up Paul Pogba to Manchester United for £89m because he’s a different player in a different position. It’s not comparable.

Fernandez might well have been making a ‘subtle’ dig at Arsenal. It was the only example he used, after all, and a little random but I don’t think it’s the stab in the back the media are trying to turn it into.