With news outlets across Europe desperate for any sort of story, we are starting to see more reports of Premier League clubs and what their scouts are up to, the latest report placing Arsenal in front of Moise Kean, Juve’s u19 centre forward.

The Italian youngster has made his way through Juve’s youth ranks but has yet to sign a professional deal with the club, the root of the problem allegedly his super agent, Mino Raiola (Paul Pogba’s broker) who wants a sizeable commission.

Raiola’s inclusion, and the fact that we rarely ever land anyone from Juventus, no matter what age, would say to me that Arsenal are merely keeping a loose eye on Kean ‘just in case.’

It’s hard to see them wanting to get involved with Raiola and all the madness that comes with him, never mind the sort of money you have to start dealing in with him and his players.