Arsenal fans are claiming the penalty they won on Saturday against Southampton when Nacho Monreal had clearly fouled Shane Long just moments earlier was justice for what happened last season.

You may not remember it, because it got zero coverage as Arsenal lost 4-0 to Southampton, but in the build-up to one of Long’s two goals, he clearly fouled Laurent Koscielny before slotting home.

This is direct from our match report of the Boxing Day game, “Just five minutes later, Shane Long tripped Laurent Koscielny with the ball heading out wide. Free in the box to receive a pass from Sadio Mané, the Irishman had a simple finish to make it 2-0.”

Their first goal in that game was also offside and their third came from a corner which had been awarded incorrectly.

Anyway, the point is that it’s quite something to see how the coverage of this goal/penalty/bad ref call is being handled when it is Arsenal who are the side who benefited.

The media didn’t bat a single blinkered eyelash last season in a game that saw three goals given that had serious questions hanging over them.

Perhaps they were still too stuffed from their Xmas dinner to open their eyes fully.