When a video of Granit Xhaka singing his Arsenal initiation song appeared on the internet, it was awful.

It wasn’t that we didn’t know what he was singing, but his voice that was the problem – and I say that as someone who would quite happily give some tormented cats a run for their money.

Anyway, the Arsenal new boy, explained just what it was all about.

“It’s an Albanian song, one that I like and that has a theme of love.

“It was a massive hit in Albania recently and it’s not a difficult song to sing, which is why I chose it.

“I’m not the best singer, which you probably saw!

“But I think it’s something you have to do as a new player.”


It’s ok, Granit, we don’t care if you can’t sing at all. We love what you can do with your feet and cannot wait to see you work your magic in the Premier League.

So far, he looks like he’s well worth every single penny of his £35m transfer fee. The stupid spending by other clubs makes this look like a pittance, and perhaps in today’s football terms it is.

For Arsenal, however, it really, really isn’t.